We collect

  • Email Address
    1Katoshi collects your email address for identification, so you can login in 1Katoshi.
    Your email address will be also used to send newsletters and notifications about your account, our promotions and our service.
  • Password
    1Katoshi saves your password only after encrypting it.
    This means that in case of data breach, your password will not be readable.
  • IP Address
    Your IP is saved every time you login and when you register on 1Katoshi to avoid registration of multiple accounts.
  • Tracking
    1Katoshi collects data to track and verify the service usage.
    These data include: registration date, last login date, number of claims, number of referrals, reviews and forms that you compiled.


1Katoshi uses and stores cookies on your Internet browser. Cookies are used to:
  • Allow you to register, login and use 1Katoshi
  • Display advertisements related to your interests
  • Track and improve your experience

You can read more about cookies on our cookie policy

Account deletion

You are able to delete your account in every moment.
By denying or dismissing this consent your account will be automatically deleted.
In case of account deletion, we will NOT be able to recover your data.

Your account will also be automatically deleted if you:

  • Are inactive by 1 year
  • Have not confirmed your email in 3 days

If you delete your account, you will also lose your balance, withdrawal requests, referrals and ANY kind of information related to your account.