What's BitCoin?

BitCoin's a virtual cryptocurrency, that is a virtually available value with an autonomous management system that doesn't require a central administration (bank).
In fact, BitCoin's administration is ran by a mathematical algorithm that guarantees the system's equity and functionality.

What's a satoshi?

A satoshi is a small part of BitCoin, corresponding to 0.00000001 BTC. BitCoins are often expressed in satoshis, since the value of a single BitCoin is very high in USD.

How to earn BitCoin?

There are many roads one can take to earn BitCoins online.
One of the first methods to earn BitCoins is mining, that is helping the BitCoin network by leaving your own computer avaiable to make particularly complex calculations that are usually made by exploiting the graphic card. However, this method isn't really good for earning, especially since the difficulty of calculating BitCoins is constantly rising.
Another method utilises faucet or giveaways, that is websites like 1Katoshi, that allow you to earn BitCoins by completing simple tasks, like clicking a button, inviting friends, and such.

How can I use 1Katoshi?

Listed below are the various ways 1Katoshi allows you to earn BitCoins:

  • Claiming
    Claiming tests your luck, making it possible to earn X satoshis.
    The lowest and higher amount of obtainable satoshis can be seen on the main page and they change depending on your level.

  • Inviting Friends
    Inviting friends with your own referral link makes it possible to earn up to 33% of your friends' earnings. This percentage changes based on your level and on the number of invited friends, too.

  • Daily Bonus
    The daily bonus is a bonus given to you if you log in for one or more consecutive days, up to a total of 3 days. The bonus increases exponentially day after day, reaching the maximum on the seventh day.

How do I invite other people?

Inviting other people isn't difficult, but it's possible to earn a lot from it, and the earnings grow alongside the number of invited people.
First of all, you have to copy your referral link, that's the link the system will use to assign the new user's registration to you.
When a user signs in with your referral link, you'll start to earn a percentage off of that user's earnings.
You'll find your referral link on Account > Referral.